Saturday, July 21

a small town thing

I'm sharing something here that I actually shared on my family blog last night since I'm still smiling about it this morning. I so so love what we call around here "Godbumps stories" - you know, the kinds of things that happen that are a wonderful confirmation of God's hand working in your life :-)

Here goes....this is what my husband shared with me last night before bed:

My husband told me that he had gone to the post office about 7:30 AM to check his mailbox hoping to find a permit for a job that they've been waiting to arrive for awhile. But, alas, the box was empty. However, he did see someone's legs through the other side of his box. So he said, "Mike? Mike is that you?" (the postmaster). Pretty soon Mike sticks his face into my husband's mailbox empty space and was like, "yes, it's me". My husband tells him that he's been waiting for a particular envelope in the mail and would it be possible for Mike to check to see if it's in today's mail? Barely a couple minutes pass and an envelope is stuck into his mailbox with Mike asking if that's the one. YUP! "It is! Thanks, Mike!"

I have to believe that only here in a small town do those kinds of things happen. We enjoy chatting with our post office personnel when we go to the counter. In fact, my husband and oldest son had taken a class with the postmaster also in attendance many years ago. Although there are many things which are difficult about living where we do, there are the blessings of knowing people that you can greet by name in a variety of businesses.

The truly God thing was that my husband was at the last hour with this permit. The job needed to be done yesterday. Our post office doesn't open until 9 AM although the mailboxes are available 24/7. For my husband to stop there when he did and randomly see the legs of someone busy working right in that area at that moment who was willing to check through the mail of the day for him, well :::::Godbumps:::::

I remember a phrase that's just kind of stuck with me from a Bible study by Henry Blackaby that we did a long time ago....God's hand is always working in the lives of His people. How often do we think about that? He is constantly putting things in motion to fall into place for our future. For those He loves so much! :::::Godbumps:::::

May you, too, see how God is working in your life and experience some :::::Godbumps:::::

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Donna Boucher said...

My friend Lynn would exclain with glee...
"You meet Jesus at the post office!"

She always reminds me of how God is busy in the daily events!

Great post.

I can imagine it exactly :o)

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