Friday, July 20

that tired feeling

One thing I'm NOT liking AT ALL about getting older is that tired feeling that seems to be coming with the process.

Yesterday I had such a hard time driving home. Sleepy. Tired. I even considered stopping along the way and taking a ten minute catnap. How pathetic is that?! Of course, I hadn't had any coffee all day, so I did stop and get a large cup which woke me up by the final leg of our homeward journey.

Last summer at my yearly female check-up, I did talk to my doctor about this aggravating tiredness. She ran some typical blood tests which all came back just fine. Her explanation was that as we age our hormones lessen. Yup, knew that already. But, the point she made which was unknown to me is that women also have a bit of testosterone in their hormonal systems which also lessens. The hormone which gives us energy and drive. My conclusion is that I must have zero testosterone in my system because it feels like I have zero energy and drive a majority of the time. I'm almost to the point of taking a testosterone supplement because I'd rather have my energy and drive back even if it meant sporting a mustache and beard! LOL! (and, yes, I'm just kidding....I don't know if they even give such a thing to women!)

Perhaps it's time to evaluate life again and see if there is something I could change that would improve this area. I do regularly exercise and eat fairly well and balanced a majority of time. I am an early bird, but tend to get to bed later than I probably should so maybe an earlier bedtime would help. Maybe taking vitamins regularly would cover an area I'm low in. Maybe giving up coffee would be good. Now that's perhaps taking it a bit too far! LOL!

The Scripture that comes to mind is "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." ~ Galatians 6:9. Do not grow not go not grow weary!

May you have a lively day on your garden path and remember to NOT grow weary as there's a harvest out there!

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P.S. Blogger does like to give me fits sometimes...I hope this posts okay.

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