Tuesday, July 24


Every year the garden gets planted and then I have lots of time to putter around in the yard while plants begin growing and becoming established. Once the weeds are noticeable, the kids will begin weeding in between the rows. I'll get out there to water as needed depending upon our rainfall (which hasn't been good the last few years) and do a little more in-depth weeding as the kids don't like to pull weeds close to the plants. And then :::frown::: I realize I've been negligent on thinning different vegetable plants.

Thinning. I think this is the job I enjoy the least of gardening. I don't know. Perhaps it's just me. I hate pulling things that I know could grow into something good, but I know in my heart they wouldn't be good because they'd have no room to grow in a healthy manner. They are crowded and their roots get tangled and crooked with all those little plants next to them. And basically their harvest would be nil. The longer I wait to thin, the harder it is to do. You end up affecting the healthy good plants while uprooting everything around them. Yes, my job in the next few days will be to finish the thinning out in my garden.

It's kind of like raising kids. Left on their own they'd possibly grow okay, but the fruit, the character of their lives, would be nil. And the younger you establish good habits, the more strengthening and growth in positive ways. It takes consistency as a mom to help the littles do this if you want to reap the benefits in the future. And that's hard to do when life is busy and you have other things to tend to and some of those things don't seem important at the time. But then they get older and those things DO make a difference. And it's even harder to correct bad habits as sometimes the good character is affected a bit. But if those bad habits are left alone, they develop into sins which have a deeper root.

I have found that happening within a large family. The older ones were well trained and then life got busier as more children came along and somewhere along the way the training slipped a bit. Still correctable, but definitely tougher. I'm dealing with that with one of the kids now. Older siblings took care of a lot of the chores and responsibilities while this particular child rode on their coattails. But the older ones are moving on and now these responsibilities are being shifted down to the younger ones in the family. And what have I discovered as the transfer is happening? Plain and simple, it looks like laziness. Good habits weren't established, so they slipped into other habits which make it harder for them to take on new responsibilities. Ugh! Argh! Blech! It's ugly! Resembles a weed! But correctable. However, since we're at a later age it will be dealing with some unpleasant attitudes that will carry over into areas that they were doing well. And it will require more work and oversight on my part. Maybe some charts with the "make your bed in the morning", "feed the cat", "dirty clothes into the hamper", clear your place after meals", etc. kinds of things listed on it. Not to the point of being rigid, but as a mom, to the point of being diligent with the training of the younger.

Are their areas in your children's lives that you see that need some thinning? Habits that are slipping a bit? There's no better moment than right now to get busy as the correction will reap a harvest in the future :-)

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