Saturday, July 28

three teams

"God is preparing His heroes, and when the opportunity comes He can fit them into their place in a moment, and the world will wonder where they come from." ~ A.B. Simpson

Last night our family attended a dinner at church which was followed by a special missions presentation. Our church has sent out three different mission teams of adults and youth this year so far - one to Peru, one to Guatemala, one to Mexico. Many of those who went will tell you that they didn't think missions was their thing, but they stepped out of their comfort zone to go and share Jesus....and God amazed them by what He did in their lives and the lives of people that they met. Truly, you can't help but get :::Godbumps::: as they share their stories. It's just cool to see how God uses our quiet lives in big ways in His timing.

I have learned to "never say never!" but I have not felt a calling on my life to take a trip like this. No, I take that back....I did wrestle with God a bit about going on a trip to Russian orphanages, but my own family was quite young then and I think they thought I wouldn't come back home once I started rocking babies! Mission trips are more than people going. It's also people financially supporting and people praying throughout - before, during, and after. Which means that everyone can be involved in some aspect because a trip doesn't work well without all three factors in place.

My husband and four oldest children (so far) have taken various trips which have taken them all over the world. It always seems like a piece of my heart goes with them from the moment they leave our home until they return. So, I guess I am "going" in a sense :-)

Actually we are all missionaries as we share the love of Jesus Christ everywhere we go whether in a foreign country or at the local grocery store!

Have a great day!

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Donna Boucher said...

I do not feeled called to be a missionary outside my home (or blog)...yet.

All I know is...I could not handle the heat.

I would be no good to anyone in the heat of India or Africa.

God wouldn't send me where I couldn't function, would He?

Katie wants to be a missionary in Paris.

Now, there is a mission field I can get behind :o)

I think I am a naughty creature of comfort.

mom said...

Paris sounds like a lovely place to be a missionary! :-)

And you know what? There are people who LOVE the heat and will go to those countries for the Lord. He may have something else in mind for you.

As I think about this, I could do a blog post on this topic sometime as it reminds me of a conversation I had with some olders. Another day perhaps!

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