Monday, July 23

twenty days later....

I noticed the date on the calendar and realized it was twenty days ago that I rushed my daughter out to the garden to prove that our corn was knee high BY the Fourth of July. So, here's the updated photo also rushed before it got too dark outside. The corn is now above her head! Since she got kind of lost behind the corn row on the first picture, I had her stand on her tiptoes in the second picture so you could see her little face :-)

She is one of my favorite garden workers as she runs barefoot up and down the rows of vegetables singing her own made up songs as she goes. It always makes me smile!

But we weren't smiling tonight as we were making our way into the house. Quite the opposite, in fact. As I was washing off my dirty garden feet with the hose, the girls started screaming. They were yelling that there were bugs biting them. When I ran over to see what was happening, I quickly rushed them into the house since in the dusk I could see something was swarming. Yellow jackets! Each girl had a sting and their valiant brother stayed outside to see where they were coming from. Apparently the critters have a nest in the blocks next to our porch steps and he got stung in the process as well as one of the dogs! We have nothing here to spray the nest with so my husband will take care of it first thing in the morning as this nest is at our main entryway.

So, a little excitement mixed with tears is our garden report for the evening.

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