Friday, August 24

about the green

My apologies about the green.

I had things I had to print out recently, so that meant leaving my laptop behind and heading to the family computer where the printer is located. While waiting on the printer, I checked on my blogsites and was very surprised to see how differently the colors looked. Our family blogsite is in my favorite color - pink - and you just can't go wrong with pink no matter what shade it is. At least I don't think you can! (spoken by a true pink lover) But this blogsite *sigh* I'm not typically a green person but went with that color due to the garden theme. And on our family computer the color was GREEN. A dull green. A yucky green. On my laptop it shows up as a beautiful shade of blueish green. And I can use different variations of that shade and still love the color. But the green on that computer....oh dear! Granted, it is a much older computer so the color palette may be very different, but still....

And then I was thinking that perhaps THAT green is someone's favorite color and they hate my green. And there are probably family members who look at my pink each day and sigh. Color preferences are as individual as individuals, aren't they? Our world would certainly be boring without the tremendous variations of colors that God has created for our eyes to see.

This certainly is an odd ramble this morning, but it may be my way of avoiding THE LIST which sits on my desk. Time to face reality and get moving on tremendous variations of activities that God has created for my day!

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