Tuesday, August 7

about joy

Although the whole devotion was good as it spoke of Jesus being the focus of our life, this came from the end of it which I read before bed last night. The reminder made me smile as I closed my eyes.

"Christian joy isn't always laughing, always having a good, hilarious time. Christian joy is the deep, settled peace that comes to live within your heart when you know that the really important things are all right. Life can be taken from us, but we are going to live somewhere for eternity. You can have joy in your heart when you know everything is all right with you forever." ~ David Jeremiah

I think we can agree that someday every single person on this earth is going to die. No one will escape that finality. The difference between myself as a believer in Jesus Christ and the average person on the street who doesn't know Jesus is HOPE. No matter what storms come through my life, I can get through it. I have the hope of eternity. It gives me joy. It gives me peace. It gets me through daily life. I know this isn't a profound truth from God's Word, but how often we overlook the simple. And then it knocks on our hearts again and we say, "oh ya! YAAAAA!" :-)

May your heart's joy get you through this day in your garden!

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