Monday, August 13


We have a few different events coming up in the next couple of weeks which will be held at our home. Since it is impossible to keep things clean, there are many things I typically don't do until the last moment. But, yesterday was such a beautiful day, I decided I could at least get started on some cleaning projects that the kids couldn't get dirty. Our windows and screens were in need of a good yearly cleaning. So much pollen collects in the screens during spring and summer plus the spiders love to make homes all over them. In fact, the spiders seem to love it when we keep the windows perpetually open as they can build their massive webs between the screens and the windows. Yes, it was delightful to clean and scrub and to clearly SEE once again out our kitchen windows.

Morning came. I grabbed my first cup of coffee and strolled over to look out a kitchen window. ARGH! Spider webs! I checked the other windows. ARGH! More spider webs! Are the critters nocturnal that they wildly weave their webs in the darkness?
It made me wonder if those spiders were sitting along the outside wall just waiting for the perfect opportunity to come back to my windows. It was hard not to feel defeated in a task which I thought would remain done and which the spiders had undone *sigh* My sense of optimism is that at least their webs have been built in clean windows and screens, right?

I suppose it's like those sin areas in our life that we clean out and then overnight a bit of them shows up again. It's as if the enemy waits for the perfect opportunity in our weakness to whisper in our ear, "It's okay, look at how well you are doing in so many areas....this is just a little thing and no one will hardly notice". HA! Yes, no one will hardly notice, just as my guests will likely not notice the new spider webs in my windows when they will come to visit. But I know those spider webs are still there - ARGH! And God knows those little sins are still there in our lives. And it's only with His continued help that we can clean those sins out.

May you check for spider webs along your garden path and clean out what may be hindering your walk with the Lord.

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