Tuesday, August 7

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Tuesday, August 7---How do you homeschool?
Scheduling, classical education, unschooling, getting the kids to help with chores, how to be "mom" and "teacher" at the same time, special needs, teaching an advanced child, how to teach the tough subjects, teaching high school, teaching with babies and preschoolers in the house, budgeting for homeschool supplies, notebooking, etc., etc., etc...

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Ohhh, I'm having problems with today's topic choices. I've written out a couple drafts and deleted each one. Now, that may not be good if you are participating in a blog event, but each were healing for me. To see where I was at the beginning, where I am now. Progress and the spiritual journey it involved without me even realizing it! God is pretty cool :-)

So let's go general - what does a homeschool day look like here? Our day has evolved through the years, but still has basic features which remain. As a mom, I do best with simplicity and structure. It helps keep me organized within a houseful. We get up in the morning, eat, get dressed, and start our school day with devotions at the kitchen table. Schoolwork is done in the mornings with some wanderings to the kitchen for a snack, but we accomplish much schooling until lunchtime which is a fairly long break allowing the kids time to go outside for fresh air and exercise after they've eaten. We tend to start back with our schooling around 1 PM and work until mid-afternoon. And that's it for formal education for the day. My role tends to be working with the littler ones at the kitchen table in the morning which is when they work the best and allowing them to play in the afternoons if we've completed their lessons. That frees me up for working with the older ones in the afternoon if they need help or corrections done. Oh, and spelling tests are always done on Friday mornings so mom can work on her ironing while reciting the spelling words to the students. It's my assurance that our clothes will be set for Sunday morning - hehe!

We've had many "seasons" of our routine being disrupted and an important lesson was reinforced during those times - that even when we weren't doing school lessons we were learning important life lessons. Learning never stops. New babies every couple of years. Family vacations in different parts of the country. Flu viruses that would knock our whole family out one by one for extended times. Home remodeling - twice. Cancer diagnosed in loved ones. Death of loved ones. It was during those times that I learned what my real priorities and responsibilities were, developed the flexibility I needed, and received God's perfectly measured strength. It often meant taking off my teacher hat and just simply being mom.

Realize that your homeschool day will reflect your individuality as a family. Find what works best for you and go with it. And always cover your day with prayer!

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cmm said...

What a lovely posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I totally understand what you mean by pressure and legalism. It was there 14 years ago when we very first started homeschooling and, sadly, its still alive and well today.

It IS a spiritual journey, a battle at times even. I can see that now, looking back on it all.

Heather_in_WI said...

Ooh. ... I love the 'tone' of your blog. It's very restful and calm.

I don't understand what you mean by legalism, though. Not trying to argue at all here, just understand. Do you mean people looking down on you if you didn't use Bob Jones or Abeka?


mom said...

No, you don't sound argumentative :-)

And I have found that I can't put my reply in a sentence or two. I keep deleting my LONG answers!

Basically, there was a sense that as a Christian woman AND a homeschooling mom, all sorts of new requirements came into to play. Being a "keeper of the home" turned into becoming Super Woman in every possible area of life with impossible standards. The pressure was tremendous. It came down to this perfect image held up by a huge pile of works. And in a way, God got lost in it as well as we who are beloved children of God.

I hesitate saying more as this tends to be a controversial topic coming up more these days and I don't want to take away the purpose of this blog event.

I hope this helps a bit?

Kimmie said...

Hi Tammy!

Found you through Randi's blog...thanks for sharing your homeschooling journey. I am very impressed that you get ironing in (LOL)...as I have no relationship with my iron, though really I can't blame the homeschooling!

It was fun to read about your family...be blessed!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
stop by and meet us ;-)

Heather_in_WI said...

Ooohhh ... gotcha.

Yes, that helps. I wasn't thinking that way at all!


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