Tuesday, August 21

by the cradle

Hush! my dear, lie still and slumber,
Holy Angels guard thy bed!
Heavenly blessings without number
Gently falling on thy head.

~Isaac Watts

Just a little while ago I returned home from attending my second birth this summer as a birth doula. I once again stand amazed at the miracle of God's creation - yes, babies are a miracle, but to me God created women's bodies in such an incredible way to bring forth life. The intricacies of the labor process once again astound and awe me...God is just so cool!

And rather than ramble and make no sense in my state of non-sleep, I think I'll leave it at that. I have a salad luncheon today for young moms, you know, so I had better get busy before the adrenaline wears off! Now to remember that I have one less place setting to put on the table as one mom is snuggling a newborn :-)

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Donna Boucher said...

Ididn't know you were a doula.
That is wonderful.

I have attended two birth's that were not my own.
And I watch Baby Story every day.
Today was a water birth.

How wonderful!

mom said...

See, you could be a doula, Donna!

Actually, this summer I've been praying about what to do with my doula work. I believe I will not renew my certifications as it is expensive and it's hard to get the continuing education credits living where I do...actually it's hard to get the births because no one knows what a doula is around here! Which is why I certified...to get some exposure through those organizations, but it really didn't benefit me. Then there's the time factor...it's just too hard to invest the time I would like to in order to build a doula business as my own family needs to be a priority in my life. It's hard because I so so love doing it and it's more of a ministry for me. So, I think I'll just stick to attending births for friends :-)

Wow...perhaps I should have written a blog about that instead of a comment, eh? LOL!

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