Tuesday, August 28

counting to sixteen

A little over ten years ago and shortly after our family's internet adventure originally began, I found my way to an area about homeschooling on AOL. It was a discussion group that was set up through Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling (PHS) magazine which included many different message boards. I kept getting drawn back to the "Homeschooling a Houseful" group. What fun! As a group of Christian homeschooling moms of many children - although some moms only had one or two kids - we were in the midst of the challenge together. When AOL shut down this area, we gravitated elsewhere as a group and continued enjoying fellowship. When that area was changed, we found a new spot on the web and became a members only group. When that area was having more frequent glitches, we moved to where we are now with a group of about 70 to 80 members with around 40 to 50 quite regular posters from around the country. There continues to be wonderful fellowship as we laugh, cry, pray, vent, share, surprise, exhort, rejoice, advise, you name it....we do it together....as a group of Christian women of all denominations in all sizes, shapes, and ages. It's interesting because when the group began many were still having babies and learning the ropes of parenting as well as exploring the whole realm of homeschooling. Now we are witnessing graduations, marriages, and grandbabies amongst us! We have exchanged Christmas cards and pictures through the years as a way to expand our friendships as well as enjoyed opportunities to meet one another as we've traveled with our families.

In traveling to take our son to college this weekend, our family was able to meet another family of this group who had traveled to take their son to college. And, if I've counted correctly, this is the sixteenth mom I've had the privilege to meet. It is quite amazing how comfortable it is each time to meet one another. Perhaps it is because we have gotten to know each other in such an unusual yet open manner through the internet. I don't think my family still quite understands the camaraderie we share with one another. But that's okay. I think perhaps it's a girl thing as we thrive on fellowship with one another just as if we were face to face :-)

All I know is that this home on the internet has been an incredible blessing in my life and I thank God for each one of these precious women :-) And what fun to expand friendships now through blogging. It's neat how God connects us to be an encouragement to one another!

o/ :::waving to Dawn whom I just met:::

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Our Family of Five said...

What a neat story! There are such great moms out there and it is so good to know that we're in the trenches together.....not walking this path solo. :)

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