Wednesday, August 8

first beans

Here is our day's mission...this particular patch of beans! I'm still amazed at how everything is growing in such dry summer conditions. I did water this area well after we picked beans as it seems if we wrestle around in a wet bean patch, a white fuzzy mold tends to develop. Too many people counting on jars of beans this year to take the chance.
Here's the result of the first picking. And don't let those girls fool you for a moment. They didn't pick a single bean for that bowl. Instead they played a game where they'd pick a bean, run around the garden while eating it, then pick a carrot and wash it off in the sprinkler at the other end of the garden before eating it, come back and pick a bean, run around the garden, etc. They love to play in the garden which I guess is good as they think of it as a happy place. I especially love it when they pull a carrot to use as a microphone! LOL!
Here are the finished canned quart jars from the first batch of beans. Woo hoo! It is neat that we've been canning for so many years that I don't have to instruct the kids as they know exactly what to do. They set up their cutting boards, bowls, and knives, then get right to work. I can get all the jars and lids ready, get the water boiling, the canner all set, and the beans are pretty much ready to be packed into the jars. I'm just wondering how I'm going to do this when my kids are all grown up?! It will be a long day of work for this mama!

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