Thursday, August 2

for a moment

For a moment my heart stopped.

We had eaten supper and my husband had a job he had to look at, so off he went. My plan was to check my email and the weather (what happened to the rain that was headed our way?) and then watch the kids and the kitten in the living room.

Breaking news...bridge collapse during rush hour on 35W in Minneapolis. Tragic news. Heart stopping news if you have a loved one who travels on 35W during rush hour! Phone lines were jammed both cell and regular. After several attempts, I went back to the computer to get updated news and there were details of the exact location...further north over the Mississippi River. A sigh of relief. Another sigh of relief when the quick phone call came of safety.

It is amazing how your mind travels during those few moments. And after making several attempts, I find I cannot really put it into words. It isn't a fear as my children (with the exception of Little) have all made a profession of saving faith in Jesus Christ which means an eternity together someday. It's the sense of the sudden loss of a ray of sunshine in my my garden.

While I am thankful this morning, there are many others who have received opposite news of an earthly loss. There are many others who are still waiting for any news and their single moment has turned into hours. My heart aches with them.

May your garden be a prayerful place on this day...

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