Wednesday, August 22


This morning during the window of time which I have to blog, blogger was down. I checked a couple of times...nada. So, I got busy with my day and came back now to see if I could post, so here I am. However, what I was going to write about this morning is no longer relevant and I've been chewing on something else all day which I'll put down in writing instead. You know, that really is a challenge some days. There's a variety of things I'm thinking about, but it's making the choice of what to write here....spiritual journey, family, garden, friends, schooling, kitten, etc.?

Anyway, I've been pondering a portion of today's devotional by Oswald Chambers:

"Which are the people who have influenced us most? Not the ones who thought they did, but those who had not the remotest notion that they were influencing us. In the Christian life the implicit is never conscious, if it is conscious it ceases to have this unaffected loveliness which is the characteristic of the touch of Jesus. We always know when Jesus is at work because He produces in the commonplace something that is inspiring."

It's always easy to think of people who most likely knowingly influenced us or who we are influencing. There's no doubt that a mother has a huge influence on her children. But are there those in our life who we are having an impact on - and hopefully a positive one! - that we are totally unaware of? Who are they? Perhaps we won't know until eternity?

And on the flip side, are there people today who are influencing us - in a positive way - who could receive a note of encouragement from us that would arrive as an unexpected blessing? It reminds me of so many funerals where people stand up and give thanks for the person who is now gone. The stories are tear jerking. And I always wonder, did this same person let the deceased know what a blessing they were to them while they were alive? Perhaps it's not necessary? Perhaps I tend to be an encourager anyway and can see the importance of it NOW?

Ponder influences in your garden today!

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