Thursday, August 2

it's me

Only with the help of a computer literate lovin' son was this very computer challenged mother finally able to get a picture to work on my profile. He is very patient with my computer question emails which are probably more challenging reading than his actual work with computers!

This afternoon I had one of the kids come out to the garden with me to take a few pictures. Since I wanted greenery in the background, we decided to take the picture at the end of the garden where the kiwi bush wildly grows amongst the fence. We discovered that I had to kind of back into the bush and lean forward in order to get a decent picture. Our trial pictures had leaves in my hair, branches across my neck, funny sunstreaks across my dress...really, we were doing more giggling than serious picture taking. And I kept having to put my glasses up just to see the pictures on the digital which is where my glasses live most of the time anyways these days, so we kept one of those as the final choice.

It's me...smiling in my garden which is my favorite place in the world to be :-)

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