Sunday, August 19

joy and sorrow

"As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing." ~ II Corinthians 6:10a

This verse fits life that happened two years ago on this date.

In the wee hours of the morning and after hard labor, I was present as a dear friend brought forth her fifth child - a beautiful baby boy! We rejoiced at his arrival and after a couple of hours I went home to catch a few hours of sleep. Upon waking up, I then made my way to relieve other family members of their night watch at my father-in-law's bedside who was in his final days. I was now holding someone else's hand in mine and again it was an opportunity to pray. When they returned, I said my good-byes and headed back home for some lunch. That was my final good-bye to my father-in-law because within an hour he had made his passage to heavenly places. My heart was filled with sorrow and joy, an odd combination. And yet, as my devotion timely spoke this morning, although there is great sorrow at the death and agony of Jesus on the cross, there is also great joy at His great victory over death. Both represented love, didn't they? Love beyond measure.

This afternoon will be another reminder as our church family will gather at our home for a lakeside baptism. One by one people will be dunked under the water (brrr!) as a reminder of the death of their sins through the sacrifice of Jesus and brought back up out of the water to rejoice in the new life that Christ gives each one of us. Again, sorrow and joy. Provided by love beyond measure.

May this day of worship cause you to reflect on the sorrow that our sins bring to our Lord, yet the great joy that comes in His forgiveness!

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