Friday, August 3

little pea

We have been enjoying a book from a recent trip to the library. Of course it has a garden theme since the child who was suppose to be picking out books was having much more fun doing library puzzles so her poor mother had to look for books for her. But this book is a delightfully fun book to read and gives us the giggles. It is called "Little Pea" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

In order to enhance the reading of the book, today we made a late afternoon trip to the garden to pick fresh peas for supper. We didn't have enough to shell and eat for the entire family, so we just put our handfuls of peas into a bowl and everyone grabbed a few as the bowl was passed during supper. Some ate them whole - they are yummy sugar snap peas! - and some shucked them and ate only the peas. They sure were good!

Enjoy the sweet peas in your garden!

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

Your little reader is adorable!
And the book looks cute too :o)

mom said...

I'll bet even your Katie would enjoy this book, Donna. Most everyone here gets a giggle out of it :-)

Donna Boucher said...

Hey Tammy!
Is that you!
You are so cute and young!
I imagined you much older :o)
Grayish blue hair,
tight curls,
house dress.
(I'm exagerating a little :o)

I don't know why???

Your a doll!

mom said...

A borrowed a neighbor lady for the picture....think any of my real life friends will tattle?! Hehehe!

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