Thursday, August 2

the little prince

You know, you should never promise anything that you won't be able to keep, so I guess I won't promise that there will be no more kitten pictures. But I will try to be gracious and not bore everyone who reads here by continuously posting pictures of the little prince. There is this feeling, however, of being a new mom once again who is in love with her new baby and needing to tell everyone how beautiful the baby is!

Just look at that striping! He is such a handsome little fellow with a winsome

personality to match. He is quickly exploring all of the house with his leaps and bounds and climbs. Sophie has spent her time stalking, hissing, clawing, and exploring behind him. I do hope she will soon tolerate him enough to enjoy him as a playmate.

Also, like a new baby in the house, there are many disagreements about WHO gets to hold him...and for how long...and where. It really does get quite ridiculous!

We will have to put secret service detail on duty when older siblings come for a visit as there's rumors of a possible kidnapping of the little prince!

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