Wednesday, August 15

a loss...and found

One of the things I hadn't gotten to all summer was a drive over to visit my step-dad. It just seemed like the calendar was always filling up and it does take a chunk of our day when we go to visit "Silly Grandpa". But our summer was running out and I knew he had things ready for me to bring home, so today the children and I took the time to pay a visit.

My mom had passed away over two years ago and going through her things has been a process. We seem to go through things in stages as he's ready and it always seems to be the right timing. I usually do just fine, but had a harder time today as we sorted through rubbermaid containers. My mom loved to cross-stitch, quilt, sew, knit....and there have been boxes upon boxes of her handiwork which have come home with me. As I looked through so many of her projects today, there was that familiar feeling once again of why? Why did the Lord take her home so early? Why did he bless me with these little girls at the end of our family only to take away their grandma who would have taught them so many things? Their grandma, my mom, my best friend. The tears fall once again as my heart considers the loss.

But a treasure was found on this day in an unexpected place. Something I've been wanting, but we hadn't yet found in our process of going through things in the last couple of years. Her old metal recipe box. It held the treasure of recipes which I didn't have - recipes that had been her mother's and which she made. And there it was....under her bed! It made me smile when I thought about all the things she had misplaced in those days and how we'd laugh when we'd run across something in an odd place. Close by the recipe box was an old Hershey's kiss, another one of her favorite things. We also found the old heavy timer that had been my grandma's. Let's see if the kids can manage to break this one! LOL!

A day of feeling loss....but a day in rejoicing the found! And in the found her memory will live on :-)

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Donna Boucher said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. She sounds lovely.

Isn't it wonderful to gaze at her handwriting.
I love my mother's handwriting.
We all treasure our mother's few handwritten recipe cards.
My sister copied them so we could all have one.

I hope tomorrow you won't feel so sad.


Our Family of Five said...

What amazing treasures you have there. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Many blessings to you and your family.

mom said...

Grief is certainly a season of unexpected moments, although the moments that make you smile are easier than the ones that make you cry!

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