Wednesday, August 15

midway point

"The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer." ~ Henry Clay

:::::gulp::::: The calendar does not tell a lie. It is midway through the month of August. Ohhh, those days of summer are galloping by! Perfect day after perfect day to play! Ah, but this winter I will look around me and say, "why didn't you do -fill in the blank - when there was time in the summer?" So, my heart is a bit more diligent right now because my mind has been put into action. Perhaps it really comes down to the fact that as a procrastinator I work best under pressure? I like the challenge of working on things as I come down to the wire.

Off to wake up my kids as they are part of today's plan of something I've delayed doing all summer long!

Enjoy your midway point of August day :-)

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