Thursday, August 9

a missed holiday

Oh dear! I was picking up the Sunday paper off our bedroom floor (I know, I know, it's already Thursday!) and I couldn't resist a quick check through the Entree section as there's always a recipe or two that looks interesting in there or maybe a gardening tip. BUT I didn't get past the front page of that section because I read one of the sub-headlines which caught my eye. And then I realized I had missed a holiday :::sigh::: Wednesday was National "Sneak Some Zucchini on Your Neighbor's Porch Night"! How could I miss it? Especially when my zucchini plants are starting to produce so so nicely?

Maybe this counts? This morning I took a friend from my kitchen to our porch to our garden and picked three zucchinis for her. Okay, so maybe it wasn't sneaky and maybe it didn't happen on a neighbor's porch and maybe it happened in the morning instead of at night, but it did happen on Thursday morning when everyone else would be finding their porch zucchini. So, extend a little grace and tell me I can say I've celebrated this important gardening holiday :-)

Here's a nice long zucchini, Queen Terry! You may hold it as your wand :::running and ducking:::

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OxnerMom3 said...

I would like to send the Queen the added ingredients to make the most wonderful chocolate zucchini cake she has ever seen! No sense in letting that beautiful zucchini go to waste! Good job sharing Tammy!

MarlaQuack said...

Although I have had CZC I do prefer my veggies separate from my chocolate.

Bonnie said...

Oooh, I am not giving any of my zucchini away! I guess I am just non-observant of the missed holiday! We bought a case at the local farmer's market recently, and ooh, have we been eatin' good! So, Tammy, if you need to get rid of some, you know where to send it! You can sneak down to FL and leave a whole bunch on our porch!

Our Family of Five said...

I would say you celebrated it quite nicely! :o)

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