Friday, August 10

a new rain dance

Everyone knows that right after you wash the car, it always rains. Always. Well, that method wasn't working at all this summer. We tried it more than once. Not a drop from a single cloud. Let's just say It has been a very dry summer *sigh*

Yesterday at noontime, one of the boys asked if I could still wash and dry his sheets that late in the day. Certainly. Not a problem. Made and ate lunch. Washed a load of laundry including his sheets. Hung them out on the clotheslines with plenty of time to dry on such a warm summer day. Late afternoon the skies darken. Thunder. A bit of lightning. And I was still scoffing that it was probably just another teaser like we've seen come and go all summer. HA! We had a downpour of rain! It was wonderful wonderful wonderful and we were dancing and singing on our front deck. It didn't last long, in fact, soccer practice was under sunny skies at 6 PM, but it was a thorough watering.

Last night at bedtime, one of the boys asked if his sheets were dry yet. :::::THUD::::: I had totally forgotten about the laundry when the brief storm moved into the area. Oh my! Ran out to the laundry and it was still drenched. Way too wet to want to deal with so it could be brought in and thrown into the dryer. Enter a fleece sleeping bag thrown on a bed.

The sheets are now dry and have had the treat of a soft rainwater rinsing. Mmmmm, they smell so good! What a blessing!

So, if you are living in an area of the country which is dry dry dry this summer, try hanging out a load of laundry on your clothesline. I hear it's the newest version of the rain dance! :-)

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Donna Boucher said...

Of course!
I'm happy to hear you finally got a little rain!

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