Sunday, August 12

Perseids Meteors

If your skies are clear, tonight is the best night to view the Perseids Meteors since the new moon falls tonight giving the darkest of the dark nights. Best viewing time is between 11 PM and 4 AM with estimations of 100 star flashes per hour during this peak time. If you are unable to view them tonight, there should be two more good viewing nights following.

Our family had considered traveling to one of our favorite places to do a meteor shower viewing tonight, but, alas, our schedule would not allow it as it would require an overnight and tomorrow is a workday. I'm not certain that I can stay awake late enough to watch, but I figure when I wake up during the night for a bathroom break, it will be quite easy to tiptoe out of the house and wander into the field next to the house to take a gaze or two at the skies :-)

May you be blessed with clear skies and good viewing of the majesty to God's skies tonight!

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MarlaQuack said...

Spider webs, humm, interesting analogy.

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