Tuesday, August 21


Tonight I wandered downstairs to see what the kids were up to and sunk to the floor because the cushions are busted plopped down on a couch by the girls to see what they were watching on TV. My 15 year old son walked through the living room and suddenly dropped to the floor to do push-ups. A younger brother, then an older brother passed through the room and dropped down to the floor to join him in doing push-ups. Pretty soon the girls were on the floor doing their own attempts at push-ups. It only took a moment to start some competitions and by the next moment we were all laughing. I wish I had my camera there when they were all doing it. What a random moment of goofiness! It's these times that I will miss when they all grow up someday! :-)

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

How many did you do?

mom said...

LOLOL! I guess I assumed I was exempt and just sat on the couch and laughed at them :-)

Now you've got me wondering how many I could do!

MarlaQuack said...

That is so sweet Tammy!

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