Tuesday, August 14

a salad

The summer has passed much too quickly and I realized I hadn't done some of the things I intended on doing this season. One was to host "summer sharing salads" at our home. So once I turned the calendar to August I knew it was time to plan them before the summer was over. Basically, I needed to provide the place and the lettuce and all my guests were assigned various salad toppings to bring and share with the rest of us.

My first salad gathering was today and the invitations went out to the pastor's wife, the elders' wives, and a couple other women who are very active within our church. It was my way of saying thank you for their generous serving in our church. I think of all the behind the scenes serving and praying these women do and am blessed by it.

I decided to use the pink rose china that was my grandmother's, then my mom's, and which is now mine. It gave me a good excuse to use my pink tablecloth (yes, I LOVE the color pink, in case you haven't noticed!) and to purchase some pink roses for the centerpiece. I did smile to myself as a friend and I recently talked about colors you shouldn't use in your kitchen because they were comfort colors which caused you to eat more. I'm thinking pink might be one of those colors, but justified using it because it was a light meal of salad, various melons, and a dinner roll - you can't pack on too much extra weight with those foods. And dessert was small pieces of coconut pineapple cake :-)

It was an enjoyable time of fellowship and getting to know others a bit better. And the tidbit of info I learned today was that when my children grow up and leave home and have pets...those pets will be my granddogs and grandcats :-) Yikes! I hope I'm not expected to sew baby quilts for those grands!

Next week I'm hosting a "summer sharing salad" for young moms in our church as a way to encourage them. I'm looking forward to it!

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Our Family of Five said...

What an awesome and creative idea!! And I love the china! I'm sure the young moms will love it. What a treat!

Donna Boucher said...

You are such a lovely woman, Tammy.
Hospitality is a wonderful trait.

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