Friday, August 17

shiver me timbers

Have we turned the calendar page again and I've missed it?! It is brrrr cold here! It began yesterday and I just checked our extended forecast and our high temperatures aren't expected to get out of the 60's until maybe next Tuesday! Yikes! However, I do see a benefit in this weather. We have some yard and lake work to get done over the next couple of days and there is no way anyone can complain about being too hot and therefore spending more time in the lake rather than holding a rake.

On a completely different subject, last night my husband and I traveled an hour away to a business appreciation dinner. It was a nice evening in many ways. We rarely get time alone, so to have two hours in the car together was wonderful. We rarely get out to dinner, so to have a delicious dinner was a treat, too. It was also nice to meet people that he's done a lot of work for throughout the years.

The surprise of the evening was traveling through countryside that I hadn't been to but once a couple of years ago. It is just so picturesque with lots of woods and rolling hills and much quieter than the area we live in now. There was just a brief tugging on my heart of "I could live here". Yes, that thought startled me! My husband built our home the autumn before we met - 30 years ago - and we've always lived in the same place. Never moved. Never had a desire to move. This is the only house the kids have ever known as they've all been born and raised in this spot. Most likely it was just a fleeting thought never to return, but I'm still a bit astonished that my heart was even open to the thought of moving to a new place.

So, we have the cold weather which is physically shivering my timbers and we have the surprise thought of moving which will emotionally shiver the timbers of my family (and I'll probably get emails from them wondering if I've flipped my wig?! LOL!)

The key is contentment. "The heart is rich when it is content, and it is content when its desires are set upon God." ~ Miquel of Ecuador

On your garden path today, be content whatever the weather or circumstances are around you. Set your heart's desires upon God!

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pianopraise80 said...

Mom, what have I been telling you??? The surest way to get all those clean out projects done is to move!! LOL!

mom said...

Perhaps the thought of cleaning out and simplifying was in the back of my mind? Naw! It would be a beautiful spot to live...and only a tad bit further for family to come and visit. Of course, Shadow would move with us, you know...hehe!

Love you! :-)

Donna Boucher said...

We always said summer was between July 4th and Aug. 15th up there!

It really is true isn't it!


But it is great sleeping weather :o)

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