Monday, August 6


A couple of weeks ago a volunteer organization that works with our local library had their annual used book sale. There are zillions of books that come through donations or off the shelves of the library and they categorize them onto tables in the high school's commons area. It is a book lovers dream to walk from table to table finding books at very low prices. The final day of their sale was only two hours long and was the "all the books you can stick in a bag for three bucks" deal! Of course, by then most of the books are well picked over but there are still treasures to be found :-)

Typically we go through our own bookshelves at the beginning of the summer and find books that weren't a hit from last year or haven't been read or are turning into dust collectors from years of waiting for someone to read them. Into a bag they go and off to one of the donation locations. This summer that didn't happen (as a matter of fact, a lot of things haven't happened this summer, but I think that's a post for another day! LOL!). So, our bookshelves - and we have many bookshelves in various sizes throughout the house - were already bulging when we traipsed over to the book sale recently.

After returning home from a little taste of heaven with our new old books, they got plopped in the kitchen and into everyone's bedrooms. I'm not sure how many books we added to our collection. I tried counting the ones just in the kitchen and my bedroom last night and came up with over 60 books in those areas, but it is hard to track them since they are scattered all over the house. Then this morning I saw a pile I missed in my bedroom. Let's just say there's a LOT of new old books. And where to go with all these books? It is going to take some major SQUEEEEZING on our bookshelves.

Oh, but what fun! I am dabbling in them all as they are on a wide range of topics. So you'll probably see a lot of random quotes here as I get busy chewing on what I'm reading. I even found the perfect book for when I can't think of anything to blog about (will that ever happen?) or on a day that I only have a moment to blog...."Sniglets" - a collection of words which don't appear in the dictionary, but should. Lots of interesting words that make you smile :-)

And I guess the whole reason I'm blogging about this today is SQUEEEEZING books onto the bookshelves is on my TO DO list for the day!

May you squeeeeze something into your life today that you enjoy!

Tammy ~@~


Mel said...

Oh, what fun! I can always find room for another stack of books . . .

Our Family of Five said...

Oh there aren't many things I like better than bringing home a new box of 'old' books that I picked through at a local used bookstore. My kiddos and I LOVE 'living books' and I like almost anything vintage. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this. I can so relate, as we just moved into a house with an actual 'library', it has one wall that is completely covered in floor to ceiling bookshelves. Right now, I'm in heaven! :)

mom said...

Ahhh, an actual library! Yes, heavenly :-) I'd probably have to put a sign above the doorway...."Sooo many books, sooo little time!" I feel like one of my kids when I say, "Do you suppose we get to read in heaven?!" LOL!

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