Saturday, August 18

that rushing in of stuff

"The moment you wake up each morning, all your wishes and hopes for the day rush at you like wild animals. And the first job each morning consists in shoving it all back; in listening to that other voice, taking that other point of view, letting that other, larger, stronger, quieter life coming flowing in." ~ C.S. Lewis

Isn't that true? When I open my eyes in the morning, I immediately have to figure out what day of the week it is and mentally go over all that needs to be done in the day before me. A majority of the time when I open my eyes, my husband is sitting in the chair next to the bed with his first cup of coffee. It gives us an opportunity together to go over the events which are scheduled for the day. After doing so this morning, we went back to a topic which we seem to keep re-visiting. How do we simplify our life?

When you are newly married and have a young growing family, there is a lot of accumulation, isn't there? All the things needed for children. Needed for your business. Needed for schooling. Needed to more efficiently run your household. Needed. Needed. Needed. And then one day when you are older and hopefully wiser you say, "What IS all this stuff, how did it get here, and how do we get rid of it?!" It seems the more stuff we have, the more cluttered my mind is, and trust me, my mind does NOT need more clutter at this age of my life! But where to begin?...that is THE question of the day!

But even pondering the topic of simplifying is like a rushing in of stuff to my mind because it is a topic that is completely overwhelming. Especially to ponder first thing in the morning. It takes a moment to turn from all the thinking that comes with opening my eyes in the morning and turn toward my Heavenly Father. To listen to His voice. To commit my day. To rest for just a moment in His peace. And then to leap out of bed!

May you take a moment away from that rushing in of stuff to take a moment toward your Heavenly Father!

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Our Family of Five said...

This is a great post. And oh how I wish it were cold here!!!! Especially since it was over 100 degrees today! Blessings to you, Lynn.

mom said...

:::::finding a BIG box to hold some of our brrr cold weather to send to Lynn::::: When you receive it, please exchange it for some of your hot weather and return to sender! Honestly, we've been in an out the door all day for soccer events and I'm cold to the bones. I just wanna crawl into a nice warm bed with the covers to my chin tonight :-)

The Discher Family said...

Hi, Tammy! I just found your lovely blog. It is so nice - just like you!

This post really resonates. Living in a small house with a well above average sized family is a great motivator for decluttering! ha ha I still dread it sometimes, though. It DOES take thought!

Looking forward to keeping up with your wonderful family!

Beth in (hot) Florida

mom said...

Beth! It is so good to see you! Your mom does a nice job of blogging your family events. She is a very proud grandma just as she should be with such beautiful grandchildren :-)

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