Tuesday, August 7

that too quiet feeling

As mothers I think we can all relate to that "the kids are too quiet" feeling. You know, when you get busy with something and suddenly realize you don't hear the kids. And off you go dashing through the house to find them! Oh, yes, those are the times when they've decided to cut their own hair, used markers for a mural on a wall, dumped a box of cereal on the floor which they are now sharing with the dog OR the all time favorite :::drum roll please::: the toddler who has removed their diaper after naptime in their crib....you know, one of those diapers with the brown stuff in it. YIKES!

No, nothing as dramatic as that has happened here, but there's definitely been some things happening in the quiet.

I really haven't been out to the garden since Saturday. Rain was predicted for Sunday - didn't come, for Monday - didn't come, for this morning - didn't come. I should stop listening to the meteorologists who obviously are in the wrong profession and go out and water instead of believing my garden will actually receive an incredible watering from the Father of the Heavens.

Soooo, before supper the girls and I run out to the garden to get a few little yellow squash to steam only to find out they aren't little anymore. YIKES! And WHEN did those zucchini grow? More broccoli ready already? Look at the tassels on the corn! Then one of the girls mentions all the beans as I'm digging through zucchini plants. Yes, I say, we're going to have lots of beans as I glance over at all the blossoms on top of the bean plants. No, mom, all THESE beans as she lifts up the leaves :::thud::: there are a ton of yellow wax beans ready for canning! How did those rascals grow under there without me knowing? I really wasn't planning on canning beans tomorrow. In fact, there's a dentist appointment scheduled for myself in the morning. Oh dear! So once the yellow squash hit the stovetop, off I went to find jars and lids. Tonight after the littles are in bed, I'll bring the canners up and all the stuff that goes with canning.

Yup, always learning flexibility as I'm reminded once again that something is always happening when it seems too quiet!

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MarlaQuack said...

Around here lately when its been too quiet I've gone and found the kids enjoying a board game with each other. It was such a neat experience to see them doing that together.

mom said...

You are right, Marla, there is the too quiet but they are doing wonderful things together times, too :-)

I loved the too quiet when I'd find my bunch of boys in one of the bedrooms with the Legos dumped out everywhere and each one quietly building something :::sniff sniff::: I can't believe they are all young men now. BUT they will still fiddle around with Legos from time to time!

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