Thursday, August 16

a tick

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of having a large family spread over many years is having enough time to do everything that needs to happen in a day. The schedule that worked when they were all little is long gone and useless. A day can involve pouring a glass of juice for littles as well as getting them dressed, helping load a dishwasher with middles, starting a lawn mower for a bit older, driving an older to work, talking on the phone with a married one, as well as all the ordinary everyday things moms do like cooking, cleaning, schooling. Time just keeps ticking, doesn't it, and it doesn't stop to wait for us to catch up! I read the following in a book recently which helps put time into perspective:

There was once a clock pendulum waiting to be fixed. It began to calculate how long it would be expected to tick day and night, so many times a minute, sixty times every hour, twenty-four hours every day, and three hundred and sixty-five times every year. It was awful! Enough to stagger the mind. Millions of ticks!

"I can never do it," said the poor pendulum. But the clockmaster encouraged it.

"Do just one tick at a time," he said. "That is all that will be required of you."

So the pendulum went to work, one tick at a time. and it is ticking yet.

~Author Unknown

One tick at a time. One job at a time. As you seek God's will for your day as you rise up in the morning, each task will be what He needs done for that day. And thank Him for the gift of time as we only have this present moment - a tick - which is indeed a treasure!

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