Friday, August 31

a *two* bonus

When we arrived home last night, we had in our possession a bonus...a two year old grandchild (see, I didn't say baby...I'm trying not to say that because she really is a little girl now). I thought it would help her mama to have a couple of days to work on settling into their new apartment before they travel here for the long weekend.

It's been interesting to see that she remembers certain things at grandmama's house this time and will go right to different spots in the house to find her favorite where the yellow Barbie "bug" is or the play kitchen or the girls shoes or the pink princess chair or her favorite trouble spots like grandmama's bedroom! She is VERY busy and was up VERY early and she gives me a VERY big smile as she's such a little character.

Off to get a shower while she eats breakfast with her aunts :-)

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