Tuesday, August 28


Every morning when I wake up my laptop there is the wonderful picture of an hours old pudgy cheeked sleeping newborn grandangel. Best known and beloved to me as Miss Abigail.

Just this morning I was chatting with someone about how our love for our grandchildren is different than our love for our children. Oh, both are wonderful kinds of love of which there is no doubt! But different. The love for a grandchild has a sweetness and delight like no other. I can't even put it into words. I just know it brings tears to my eyes if I think about it too long!

On this day I wish a blue-eyed dimple-cheeked curly-blonde-haired singing dancing chattering beautiful sweet angel a happy second birthday :-) Grandmama loves you!

And on another note...sorry it's been so quiet here. Life is moving rapidly with lots of changes which I'm trying to process in the midst of coming and going. Success in putting it all into words eludes me at the moment, but it will come...

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