Wednesday, September 19

about seventy-five

After school today, my hope was to get out to the garden for a bit as I was beginning to feel like my garden was a long lost friend whom I hadn't visited with in a long long while. One thing I knew I wanted to do while out there was to take a picture of my corn model. Upon calling her, we needed to search for flips or shoes for her little feet. Nothing by the entryway that was garden worthy, so off to the girls room to look through the closet. Frustration quite possibly doesn't express what I was feeling as we dug through shoes, shoes, and more shoes until we found a good garden match. Off we went and hopefully the pictures turned out so I can post them later. Back into the house to get supper going, but before I started that it was important to call the girls together to work on a mission - take every single shoe out of the closet, find its match, decide what you want, decide what you don't want, and let's get some order!

Once supper was in the oven and on the stovetop, I returned to the girls room as they said they were ready to go through all the shoes. They had neatly lined them up into pairs. The only single shoes were dress-up shoes which meant its match was most likely in the large rubbermaid container of dress-up clothes. Just for fun - and yes, I do believe the joke was on me! - I counted the pairs. My thought is...can a girl ever have too many shoes? Really, can she? :::whispering::: there were around seventy-five pairs of shoes for three girls! Yup, no wonder I couldn't find Lovey's garden shoes as they were in the mix of around one hundred and fifty shoes!

Sorting began. What shoes fit who? What shoes does no one want? What shoes can be tossed because they are too beat up, chewed up, or just plain broken? What shoes are dress-up? What shoes can be handed down to the granddaughter? What shoes could be taken in to the thrift store? What shoes could be boxed up until next summer? Sorting ended.

The two middlers ended up with around five or six pairs, the littlest around ten pairs. Definitely an improvement, eh?!

Now I'm feeling convicted that perhaps *I* need to go through my closet and sort through shoes....NAW! LOL!

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pianopraise80 said...

I hope my hubby dearest doesn't read this blog tonight or I'm in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!! Thanks, Mom!
:-P ~ ~

mom said...

Oh, don't worry! There's only a pair or two that would go your direction now. Lots more to come though as her feet grow...hehe!

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