Wednesday, September 26

another changin'

Changing of the seasons means changing of the closets.

The boys are ridiculously easy as they are not particular about anything and their clothing needs are minimal. I really don't need to do much at all with them except note whose pants are now at floodwater stage which is NOT cool and in fashion if you are a boy! Can you imagine boys wearing capris?

But the girls. Oh my. Now THAT is another story. We literally have boxes and boxes and boxes of clothes. Remember the shoes? Yup, the clothes have multiplied much like the shoes. YIKES! And these aren't all brand new things, but most are hand-me-downs from friends and family. Doesn't make an iota of difference to the girls and still mandates a fashion show with every single item to see if it fits. Really, three girls trying clothes on and off and on and off and on and off and things getting tossed on the bed and on the floor and in a box and, well, quite honestly, the project drives me close to insanity! But we did whittle the clothing piles down A LOT today and three boxes went to the thrift store. Today I have to go through the laundry baskets downstairs to see what may be down there that needs to be sorted to a closet, a box for next year, or a box to give away. So at least there is a slight glimmer of hope in completing this task. And because we are being so thorough it should be an easier transition next spring when the weather starts getting warmer again.

And through this project I can once again praise my Heavenly Father for caring for our family in abundant ways. Indeed, He has clothed our family in as much splendor as the lilies!

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randi---i have to say said...

Ha! My boys are so easy too! Aubry has a hard time getting rid of things even if they don't fit anymore. Right now she has a couple of skirts that I only let her wear at home with a pair of short underneath. I am looking for an opportunity to get rid of them secretly! ;)

Charlene said...

I have been putting this task off for awhile, fooled by the unseasonably warm weather we are having. I only have one daughter which has come after 2 boys, and I join in the chorus, clothing boys is so much easier!!

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