Tuesday, September 4

as happy as a bug in a rug

As I was pondering the day in my exhausted state at this late moment, my four year old quickly came to mind. I hardly heard a peep from her all day nor hardly saw her. There was a tremendous amount of activity with shuffling around in the house and errand running outside the house. People were coming and going all day. Things were being moved up and down the stairs. Laundry was going. Containers were gone through. Large bookshelves were unloaded, moved, then loaded back up with books. The playroom was enlarged again back to a resemblance of the olden days before our family was so large. And a little girl was as happy as a bug to have rediscovered so many things in our house as items were shuffled around. She was sad, but very tired when I finally tucked her into bed tonight. I'm sure she didn't even realize that two of her brothers were sleeping in different rooms tonight. Nope. She was thinking about how wonderful her play table was in its new spot :-)

Having had children who do not handle change well, I was amazed when considering how very flexible my little girl was. Her day didn't skip a beat in the least...if anything, her day was enhanced. HA! The child did better than her mother! Give me time to ponder my future so I can be best prepared is my motto. Now I know where my non-easily-changed children get it from! I think she must get this easy going characteristic from her daddy? Maybe from her Heavenly Daddy as His Word talks about being content whatever the circumstances.

And here I was talking about flexibility this morning before we even started...

I do know that I will be as happy as a bug in a rug, too, as soon as my head hits the pillow!

Blessings from one tired mama,
Tammy ~@~

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