Friday, September 7

climbing the mountain

Ah, yes, the best part of our homeschooling week - spelling test day!

My habit for years has been to do my ironing while reciting spelling words for the end of the week test. It has been a good way to keep up with what could be considered a mundane task to some people. To me it is a glorious task! I do enjoy ironing :-)

Every year when we finish up school in May, my ironing falls behind in the summer. I made a plan to help me keep up with it during the summer, but, alas, it was too hard to do. And there is literally a mountain range of clothes in the laundry baskets begging for my attention. Yes, yes, I do know that if we'd fold clothes right after they were done in the dryer there'd be less ironing, but we never seem to catch them then. Plus the clothesline clothing always needs some pressing unless we have a very brisk wind blowing them dry. So I'm excited about school starting again so I can begin the challenge of climbing the mountains! Perhaps even more exciting will be the new found clothing hanging in my closet as the school year progresses...hehe!

It's funny because I can still picture my grandma ironing. She'd have a spray bottle of water handy and would often starch items. I can picture my mom ironing, too. And as a little girl I'd beg her to let me iron. Finally she did. Socks! LOL! Looking back now I'm certain the iron probably wasn't even turned on. But I loved to lay the socks out and iron them one by one.

So, off I go to sing my rise and shine song reminding my children that it's spelling test day!

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