Wednesday, September 19

the corn continues

There was a window of about thirty minutes of time which I was able to spend in the garden today. My garden has sadly been neglected in the last few weeks due to LIFE filled with bustling activities. My corn model is pointing to perhaps the same ear of corn she had pointed to before. No, it never got picked to eat. As I opened an ear of corn, I was surprised at how good it looked. We may try an ear or two tomorrow for lunch although I anticipate it being tough and mushy soft. Ideally I'd like to pull all the ears of corn and throw them in the field for the deer, however, the dogs are known for eating them when I do that, crazy pooches! The corn stalks have one more purpose, so depending upon the weather in the days ahead, they will be pulled from the garden soon and I'll take one final picture of our corn's journey.

And notice the woods behind the corn as the trees are all turning reds, oranges, and yellows. The days may be comfortably warm right now, but nature around our home is starting to shout, "AUTUMN!"

Enjoy the sights and smells of autumn!

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