Saturday, September 29

the flower's shadow

"Every flower, even the fairest, has its shadow beneath it as it swings in the sunlight." ~ author unknown

Although my personality is typically optimistic, here's the pessimist wiggling out of me...I knew yesterday was just too good to be true. It was a gorgeous day that was being fully enjoyed. As I was contentedly dozing on the couch with Lovey while the grandangel Little Lovey was napping in her room, we were rudely awaken by a blasting horn outside our window. As I peeked out, I saw a small city vehicle stopped next to my car. Oh oh! I raced down all the stairs to see what was the matter. The man proceeded to tell me that I was illegally parked as I didn't have a permit for that parking space where I had moved the car earlier in the morning. What? I explained that I did have a permit which was displayed in my window. Nope. Wrong permit. I was actually in a "special" permit parking place. Yikes! I apologized profusely for parking in the wrong place as I had mis-read the sign - there are permit parking signs all over the place in this city as their parking regulations are so rigid - and it was an oversight on my part by not being more observant to this particular sign. The woman who held the permit for that particular parking place was parked behind my car and graciously (said tongue in cheek as she had turned me in) offered to pull up into her parking space and I could pull back into the one she held. So, I ran back up all the stairs to get my car keys feeling thankful that I was here when it happened or my car would have been towed away and impounded. As I arrive back to my car, there was the ticket stuck into my driver's side window. Apparently mercy wasn't mine on this day. I opened the envelope and had to steady myself as I read the amount :::whispering::: $250!

Yup, there's a whole lots of directions I could take this post from this point. Unfairness. Justice. Rules. Mercy. Kindness. Revenge (the woman lives below this apartment). Denial. Brokenness (in more ways than one). Letter writing to city officials. Anger. Tears. But I think I'll go with one word.


God's undeserved mercy and lovingkindness.

Although I may totally mess up by doing something by my lack of observance causing me to sin, God's grace is mine. It's a gift. And because of that gift I will be able to get through this situation where man's rules have judged me.

Yes, the day that was blooming like a flower had a shadow cast upon it, but God's grace has sustained me.

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Bonnie said...

Blessings on you, Tammy! What a frustrating situation! Isn't it encouraging that His grace is sufficient for this, too? Praying for the precious peace of the scene in the second paragraph to return! God bless you, Dear.


Our Family of Five said...

I am so sorry you got the ticket! You're response is encouraging..... Grace...God's grace is sustaining. Many Blessings to you!

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