Friday, September 14


Having just returned from my lunch hour errands, I can verify per my outside car thermometer that the temperature stayed on 45 degrees. Yes, the weatherman was right and call me a doubting Thomas, but I had to see it to believe it. Add that cool temperature to blustery winds and it's downright chilly out!

But the thought that warms me the most is the change in our weekend. This weekend the local soccer league holds their annual tournament inviting teams from around the area. It is a lot of fun as our teams get to play new teams instead of rotating through teams that they already know. But depending upon the age group, you typically spend a full day at the soccer fields. In fact, one year, the championship was played in semi-darkness and the trophies were awarded with car headlights on so we could all see! This year we would have had one girl playing on Saturday, one on Sunday. However, we got telephone calls from coaches from both teams saying that several teams had dropped out (I wonder if this cold weather played a part in their decisions?) and the tournament was changed to more of an in-house tournament and now both girls are playing on Saturday. Woo hooo! I'm so relieved! Only one day at the soccer field :-) AND now we can enjoy our Sunday! Worship, Bible study, a baby shower for the beautiful baby girl that I was honored to watch come into this world, AND a birthday celebration for a daughter.

::::::::::dancing:::::::::: and hoping that will warm me up! LOL!

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Claire's Blogosphere said...

Nice blog. Im new to this blog scene, but hoe mine will suceed like yours . : )

mom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Claire :-)

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