Wednesday, September 19

fresh air

One of the things that makes me sad as summer departs is having to keep windows closed in the house as the weather turns much colder. I love having all the windows open to freshen each room and it takes awhile to adjust to being closed in once again. Suddenly my house smells like house - wet dogs, sauerkraut and pork roast, boys shoes, burnt toast, you know, any scent that makes you go blech especially in combination with one another in a stuffy house. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I'm a candleholic :-)

So it was a nice surprise yesterday to find that with some of the cloudy drizzly weather came warmer temperatures and it was actually warmer outside than inside. "OPEN UP THE WINDOWS!" was my battle cry. Ohhh, even if it was a damp warm it was wonderful to have air moving through the house again. I could hear my chick-a-dee-dee-dees out feeding on the deck :::contented sigh:::

And this morning there's a fresh cool breeze gently blowing through my windows. Although it's gloomy and drizzly again today, this fresh air is invigorating to my spirit.

Our spiritual lives can sometimes be like that. Rather stuffy and blech. A weary season as we get caught up in life. And then there comes a day when we awaken from the dullness and God opens our hearts to receive a breath of fresh air from the Holy Spirit and we are invigorated once again. Suddenly Scripture is popping out at us from all over the pages and it's exciting! And a keenness comes alive which sharpens our vision enabling us to see how God is so so busy working all around us :::contented sigh:::

My hope is that you, too, feel fresh breezes blowing along your garden path on this autumn day!

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