Friday, September 21

gems of beauty

Sunshine always makes my spirits soar! My steps are light, my mood is jolly, and life thrives when the sun is shining into the windows of my home. Perhaps that is why this month has been more challenging as it's been a September much more gray and cloudy than usual. Gray hasn't meant a lot of rain, just a heaviness of the air. But when we have this kind of weather I immediately think of someone I know who delights in cloudy days. No doubt when it's like this her steps are light, her mood is jolly, and life thrives in her household.

Yesterday it was necessary to run errands at two different times of the day and while driving on this gloomy day, I was struck by something....the brilliance of the tree colors. Each tree and its color was so distinct along the roadway. When it's sunny out, although beautiful and bright, the tree colors tend to all blend together. It was like the clouds and darkness of the day were able to reveal a hidden breath-taking-away beauty.

It's much like life. When circumstances are dark and difficult and the clouds keep hanging, God will reveal beauty in a way that only He can. I can now look back at about a year and a half after my mom passed away and recognize a time of depression that I was passing through although I didn't realize it then. Hindsight is wise, isn't it? But what sticks out in my mind from that time were the gems of blessing God sent unexpectedly from time to time that reminded me that no matter how difficult the days were, He was there with me. And I'm amazed that even writing that at this moment still brings floods of emotion with it. God is faithful beyond our comprehension.

May you find gems of beauty in your garden on the cloudy days!

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