Friday, September 14

a gigglin'

You know the whole laughter is good medicine thing? Our family tends to have a good sense of humor although rather wacky at times. It keeps us healthy...hehehe! Anyway, we started a practical joke tradition of hiding some oddity in the grandbabies diaper bag right before they'd leave for their long ride home. You'd know when they got home and unpacked because an email would be forthcoming. And giggles would begin! Somehow this tradition expanded. This summer my daugher-in-law returned a small boxes of items that had come home with them by accident and in it was what came to be known as the creepy pez guy (actually it was a Stars War character and I don't remember what his name is and probably couldn't spell it if I could remember what it was! LOL!). I giggled when I saw it! After that I took a trip with one of the boys to visit my daughter and husband. Right before we left, I tiptoed into the bedroom and stuck the creepy pez guy next to their computer practically holding my hand over my mouth to restrain the giggles. But my prank backfired and her husband actually liked the creepy pez guy and now asks for pez refills as gifts LOL!
When we had taken our son to college, we stayed with them again. It had been too busy for me to even ponder an oddity to leave behind this time. However, they have a few interesting things in their apartment that they have picked up at thrift stores and I was admiring the scottie dogs who were guarding a thermometer. After getting back home, a day or two later my daughter called asking what the temperature was. It was a strange question and I told her I'd have to go into the kitchen to find out. She wondered if I knew what the temperature was inside the house. I was totally puzzled when she followed up with the question of whether or not we had unpacked. THEN I knew she was up to something and immediately got back to unpacking. AHA! There were the scottie dogs in my shopping bags! LOL! Actually I kind of like them and don't think I will be passing them along to anyone else.

What causes me to write this tonight? Well, I was picking up some things in the toy room and ran across something that caused me to get to gigglin'. I dare not share it here as it needs to be saved for someone special :-) Just another thing to use for our practical joke family tradition...hehehe!


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pianopraise80 said...

Oh man....let me guess....I bet I don't know who it's coming to.... BAD Mother!

mom said...

Oh, that's right, I'm due to visit you sometime in the weeks ahead, aren't I? :::giggle giggle::: Maybe I can come up with a whole collection of, um, special things for you by then! :::giggle giggle:::

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