Sunday, September 30

go higher

My oldest and I were chatting about the autumn sweet theirs has been and how opposite ours has been. He made an interesting statement about how perhaps it seemed like a wonderful fall because they are now in an apartment that is up higher. Their previous apartment was at street level and between the other apartment buildings and all the trees, the light that came through their windows was much more filtered and limited. Now in their new apartment they have much more light and brightness, especially in the mornings, and it brightens the entire day. In fact, they have so much more light that they immediately had to find a darkening curtain to put up in Little Lovey's room as she was suddenly waking up at the crack of dawn!

Our spiritual life is a bit like that. When our daily routine gets crowded in the crazy busy stage we stay at street level. God comes through in filtered and limited ways and it affects our view on life. When we elevate our walk with Him a bit higher by being in the Word more, praying more, worshipping more, fellowshipping more, suddenly our way is lighter and brighter as we draw closer to the Lord and new things about Him are revealed in this better view.

May you step higher in your garden to get a better view of our Lord!

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Our Family of Five said...

Amen! :)

randi---i have to say said...

Thanks for this encouragement today. I needed it!

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