Wednesday, September 5

it's only oatmeal, right?

:::sniff sniff:::

I was finally getting around to cleaning up the kitchen this afternoon when I grabbed the pan off the stovetop to take it over to the sink. It was the pan that I had cooked oatmeal in for breakfast. And there was still a lot of oatmeal left in it. Why? Because my oatmeal lovin' son is off to college and wasn't here this morning to clean the pan out! Another adjustment. It'll mean more leftovers until I finally get the hang of cooking for fewer mouths. Now to see if I can find Terry2's recipe to use up my leftover oatmeal......

Another tomato update: The call came this afternoon. She only had half a bushel of canning tomatoes for me and really had no idea whether or not there'd be many more in the future. She's going to do some scouting around in the next couple of days. The blessing though was picking them up a little while ago and being given a bunch of her less than perfect tomatoes! Maybe with what I have in the garden to add to these I can get a couple canners worth of tomatoes :-) Of course it's in the mid-80's right now which makes for a hot kitchen, but the blessing will be some hot chili this winter!

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randi---i have to say said...

I seem to be cooking for fewer these days too. My oldest has her own place and my 16 year old is going to the community college 3 days a week and doesn't come in until late. Just a couple days ago I noticed that i hadn't baked a casserole in a 13X9 pan for about 2 weeks. SO weird!

It is funny how these days of our kids growing older just seem to sneak up on us, isn't it?

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