Friday, September 28

the new park

After our main duties were done - breakfast, then a shower for grandmama - I decided to fully embrace our babysitting duties on this beautiful autumn day. So, out came the stroller so we could walk a few blocks to find the park.

As we walked up to the park, there was a small handful of moms chatting while sitting in a grassy area. The actual playground area was nice and my granddaughter had fun running from thing to thing with a loving aunt and uncle willing to accommodate her every wish. As I walked along with them to keep an extra eye on the little climber, I noticed the moms of the other playing children. They were either standing or sitting along the edge of the playground area talking on their cell phones. In between the sound of children chattering, you'd hear various cell phone rings. Technology has invaded another area of life...the park.

High schoolers relate to one another on Facebook or sitting on chairs side by side playing a video game of sorts. People sit alone in restaurants with a cell phone to their ear. Or walking in a mall talking on the phone. Okay, I'll give the shoppers the benefit of the doubt as my oldest daughter will call home while out shopping for siblings to get their current sizes. But what happened to the apparently old fashioned way of talking face to face with someone? Engaging in a lively conversation where you can read their faces as well as hear their words? Giving someone a physical hug when they are having a hard time instead of facebooking them a "gift" on a rough day?

Yes, technology with its many benefits has enlarged our community of today, but at the same time it has isolated people from one another. And that's the part I think is sad.

By the time we left the park, the little grassing sitting chatting group of moms was gone, but I wish I could have encouraged them in their conversational endeavors for I believe that their lives will be richer by the snatches of time they have spent with one another.

Take some time along your garden path today to chat face to face with someone you normally wouldn't take the time with ~ you'll be delighted by the results!

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Charlene said...

I had begun to think I was the only one! How many times I've turned thinking the lady in the grocery store was talking to me only to find out she was on the cell, the park saddens me too. Those are precious moments with little ones. Now mine are too old to push on the swing, or run through playing tag! This summer I actually saw a woman riding her bike on the bike trail near our house talking on the phone!

Our Family of Five said...

What great advice. I haven't figured out what Facebook is. I've heard people talking about it but still don't know. I do own a cell phone but its only for safety purposes when I leave the house. As much as I like technology, I still try to hold on to things 'old-fashioned'. Like writing long letters to my best friend in NC. I mean email is convenient....but it doesn't beat the feel of opening a handwritten letter straight from your own mailbox! And just like you said..... the same thing goes for face to face conversations. Cell phones can be handy, but I'll take a nice long chat, face to face, over mobile conversations any day!

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