Saturday, September 8

not those likenesses, please



Sometimes like mother, like daughter is a gut wrenching thing. Especially when you see things in your daughters that you know they didn't inherit from your husband.

This fact was brought home to me again this morning. Up early, get the girls going, jump in the car shortly after 8:30 AM to get to their soccer games. Get settled on the sidelines and do the traditional kick the ball thing with Lovey while waiting for the games to start. See the teams line up for referee inspection and then watch your daughter come racing off the field toward you. She forgot her shin guards! When I asked the girls last night before bed if they had everything together for the morning, they assured me that they did. Apparently the shin guards left inside a dresser drawer weren't together with the rest of the uniform that was together. And apparently she didn't notice during the warm-ups that she didn't have her shin guards. Which meant that I had to run back home to get them...and yes, I did consider not getting them and letting said child not play at all but figured that the consequences were tough enough with having to miss at least half of the game as it would take me that long to go back and forth because this is a child that loves soccer and is very good at it. Not only did I have to run home, but when I got back the excellent parking place was long gone and I had to park a long ways away from the field.

Perhaps it was easier to have grace about the whole thing because as soon as it happened I recognized myself. Forgetful. Now I don't think that has always been a major problem in my life - although definitely a minor one - but it has worsened in the last few years. And I inwardly cringe when I forget important things. And then guilt and shame like to ride those coattails...ugh! I don't want her to carry those burdens with her forgetfulness, so hopefully I'm more merciful than not with my responses since she claims this characteristic with her mom. And I look for ways to encourage her to be better at remembering.

Perhaps it is easier to have grace with her because she also claims another one of my characteristics. Ungraceful. She trips, spills, bangs, drops, scatters - check a thesaurus for other like words - just like me. My family affectionately called me klutzmeier growing up (and no, it was never used in a mean way and I learned to laugh and shake my head, too). Klutzy to the max. And when my daughter does something like that we just look at each other and say with a smile, "just like mom!", because this is a trait that I haven't outgrown either. She may not be graceful in general, but you should see this girl move a soccer ball down the field! Wow!

Rather than write about all the likenesses I see in my children that have come from me, you know, the likenesses I wish they didn't have, I think I'll stop now. Another day we can talk about the wild colt, the procrastinator, the shy one, the...enough! Better to focus on how God makes us a new creation :-)

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Our Family of Five said...

How true this is. I have become so much more 'aware' of certain things about myself since my daughter has been born.

This was a great post. You've written it so well. :)

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