Tuesday, September 4

one more week

Home again. Whew! But that is the only thing that feels normal. One more week, I think, of life out of sync.

Typically we begin school the last week of August or at the latest the first week in September. I'm not ready yet :::sigh::: however, the kids can get started on their own today. It will be easy to catch up with the younger ones once the dust settles.

My oldest daughter and husband are here yet today, so we are going to get busy at moving the boys around in rooms. To think, it's been over a week since a room has been vacated and although I've done some cleaning in it, we have not been home long enough to do the actual moving yet. Just add this to the list of household changes.

Also today I need to check with the local farm market about tomatoes. I'm hoping they still have a good crop of tomatoes available for canning. It would be heart breaking to hear that they are no longer available and my family would revolt at the knowledge of no homemade chili all winter. There's quite possibly more beans out in the garden that need canning, too. I'm almost afraid to walk out into the garden as it has been so sadly neglected over the last week or two :::another sigh::: so, add this to the list of non-schooling tasks for the week.

And have I mentioned that my laundry is WAY behind? The girls' room is a disaster? Seasonal clothes need to be gone through? Appointments need to be made? Cards need to be sent? Bills need to be paid? Meetings need to be attended? Gifts need to be found? Soccer treats need to be baked? My bedroom desperately needs to be cleaned as it's lost it's calm haven retreat feeling?

But, man, what a weekend! Perfect weather to be up at the cabin. Even more perfect for the ten people camping in tents. Besides family, we had six twenty-something friends of theirs enjoying our retreat in the woods. Talk about energy! Fishing, boating, laughing, saunaing, hiking, paintballing, laughing, stargazing, campfiring, log tackling, eating, and did I mention laughing? What a joy it was to have good clean fun! But, man, what a tired mom I am this morning!

"Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand." ~ Proverbs 19:21

Plans. I have many plans. I have lists of plans. But praise God that He interrupts my plans with times of fun and fellowship!

May you, too, have plans which are flexible enough for the Lord to change to fulfill His purposes.

Now, back to work! LOL!

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pianopraise80 said...

Mom, "fishing" is going a bit far don't you think?? I think a more accurate description would be "casting".

And you forgot kitten chasing, cinder block tossing, pirating canoes, and four-wheeling!! Oh, and J got some GREAT pictures of the pirates in action! She's going to put them on a CD for everyone.

mom said...

Okay, I "rescind" fishing - although remember eight fish were caught over the weekend - and will have to edit in "zillions of casts" :::grin:::

Oh, dear, I did forget the cinder block tossing! And the pirating! And the four wheeling! And the rampant outdoor kitten chasing! My goodness, my brain is more tired than my body this morning! LOL!

It will be fun to see the pictures. I didn't do a good job of remembering to pull my camera out this weekend.

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