Tuesday, September 25

pick a tree

The world is full of colour!
'Tis Autumn once again
And leaves of gold and crimson
Are lying in the lane.
~A*deline White

Yesterday afternoon when I took this picture looking down our driveway, I noticed that quite a few leaves had already fallen. Early this morning when I drove down the driveway, I noticed that the rain of last night had brought down many more leaves. It was like driving on a quiet leaf roadway instead of crunchy gravel.

Ohhh, this is such a hard transition to make each year as the season changes! From great and dramatic color in the woods to bare brown trees which offer no cover. Fortunately we have some pine trees which provide green color in the woods year around. It was interesting as one of the boys shared yesterday that when they were little boys they used to saw and chop on trees during the winter. They thought that the trees were dead because they had no leaves. They didn't realize that the trees were just resting for a long season.

Sometimes believers go through seasons of rest. It can be a time of renewal and refreshment as they continue nourishing themselves with the Bread of Life. They are like the evergreens as they continue to stand out on their faith. But I've also seen believers resting to the point of looking like dead wood. They instead withdraw from the Lord and look like the rest of the world around them. Barren and without life.

My pick is to choose to be an evergreen whether resting or working!

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Charlene said...

What a beautiful sight! And to be blessed with it being your own drive.

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