Saturday, September 15

poor fuzzababy

After we got home from soccer later this afternoon, everyone was a bit chilled. My littlest decided to lie down in bed under the covers to warm up...with the kitten. When I peeked in on them, the kitten peeped open his eyes at me. Lovey had him all wrapped up in "pinkie" (her favorite blanket) underneath the covers as well as snuggling him close. As you can see, her very favorite thing in all the world to affectionately snuggle who is known as fuzzababy, well, poor fuzzababy has been tossed aside for a warm purring prince!

The part that made me smile the most was about ten minutes later when she came tip toeing out of her room and told us all to "shhhhhhhhhh!" because she had finally gotten the baby to sleep :-) It sounded just like something I've said a million times through the years. However, she is the baby of the family and has never heard me say that! Isn't that interesting?!

I often wonder what life will be like when this last one grows up as she certainly is a little lovey who regularly warms my heart :-)

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Donna Boucher said...

Our babies.
So much love.

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