Monday, September 24

a reminder to stop

You can pass the same exact spot for years and never really pay attention. Yesterday as we drove into our driveway after church, the road sign several feet down caught my eye. Stop ahead. And although my camera doesn't quite capture it, the colors of the trees were dazzling as we are almost to our peak color stage.


It would be so easy to get caught up in the business of the day.


Sometimes God needs to get our attention so that we take a moment to breath in the beauty around us.

Our weather was absolutely perfect yesterday. Sunny and in the 70's with a light breeze. How could anyone stay indoors and not stop to catch the beauty outdoors? (Well, actually someone did stay indoors when finding out our favorite football team in all the world's game was actually being broadcast on one of the few TV channels we actually get in on our antennae and he was able to watch an amazing game - I listened via radio) I tackled washing windows (inside and out) and window screens for our bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Then I worked on pruning the dead branches off my lilac bushes and pruning back a few pine trees whose branches were shading flower beds and an area of my garden. Off to the garden where I pulled all the corn stalks, dug up all the potatoes and onions, pulled some squash. Emptied a couple of my flower planters that had gotten touch by frost and had died off. AND I took time to look around and breath in the beauty around me in God's handpainted creation with every task I did. And I smiled.

As I fell asleep to the sound of the gentle breeze outside my open window, I thanked Him for smiling on my day :-)

May you enjoy the beauty of this autumn season, too!

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Donna Boucher said...

God is so good to us.

You are way ahead of us, colorwise!

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